Welcome to my blog.  If you don’t know me, then here’s a quick introduction.  My name is Said Khorramshahgol, I am from Iran, and I live in Los Angeles.  I have created this blog to keep track of things that interest me and to share these interests with you.  I currently have another blog where I work on beautiful photographs to make them more beautiful…sort of like adding my own flavor to them.  If you are interested in photography, please check it out.  The site is linked in the left column under Blogroll and it’s named “How I Would Do It”.  I hope that you enjoy the photos.

In the near future, I’ll be adding a couple more blogs about things that interest me, so please check back to find those blogs.  They will be listed under Blogroll as well.

That’s it for now, peace to all of you.

Said Khorramshahgol