So Obama wins by a landslide, which wasn’t a surprise to me, even if McCain, Palin, and Co. claimed that they’ll win the elections, save a miracle.  Obama is a great public speaker and has a presence, which in my opinion played a major role in this election, second only to the fact that people wanted change and the only other option was a ticket of a half-dead man walking and a half-intelligent woman talking, i.e., McCain/Palin.  And yes, in my opinion it was Obama’s charisma and his ability to communicate (and perhaps the fact that Palin turned off so many voters) that carried him through.

Having said that, I don’t believe for a minute that he is THE Savior.  He made a lot of promises and made them very well, after all he is a great communicator.  But will he deliver on even half of those promises?  Will he bring the country together and take us down the right path?  That’s hard to say at this point and so it remains to be seen, but my expectations are that he will be just another politician in office on another day.  That doesn’t mean that I am pessimistic, it just means that I am cautiously optimistic and that I refuse to jump on a bandwagon in a moment of great need, fear, and emotions in our society.

Said Khorramshahgol