This news just came on to Yahoo Health and if true, it’s going to save millions and millions of lives! According to the story, every year 2 million people die from AIDS, while 33 million people have the AIDS virus worldwide. Some countries that have been hard-hit by the AIDS epidemic, such as Nigeria, India, South Africa, and Kenya, will benefit from a cure the most. That is if their governments or the World Health Organization take action to provide the cure free of charge to all who are inflicted with the AIDS virus, and who can’t afford to pay for the cure.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Dr. Gero Huetter said Wedneday his 42-year-old patient, an American living in Berlin who was not identified, had been infected with the AIDS virus for more than a decade. But 20 months after undergoing a transplant of genetically selected bone marrow, he no longer shows signs of carrying the virus.”

Here’s the full story.