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My own page!

I have some of my photos displayed on one of the main Iranian websites, but I just found out that I have my very own page on there!  I’m surprised and honored!  My name is even up there in big letters….Said Khorramshahgol!  🙂


My Photos

For those who are interested, I have a bunch of street photography samples at the link below:

These watercolor works by Eric Fortune are just astounding, amazing, exceptional…breathtaking?  What’s the right word?  All of the above?

Here’s an example, with more at the link below.

More chihuahua fun

Boxing with my chihuahuas is always fun, and they sure know how to fight with grace.  🙂

My New Photography Site

Hi all, please check my new blog, which is dedicated to Black & White Photography.  It’s right here:

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