Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog.

I have created this blog for two simple reasons…to kind of keep track of the things that interest me, and to share my interests with family, friends, and any internet user who has the same likes.

My name is Said (Afshin) Khorramshahgol, and if you don’t already know me, then you are probably trying to pronounce my name.  My first name is pronounced like “Sa-eed” and you would have a easy time pronouncing my last name as “Khorram” + “shah” + “gol”.  See, it’s not hard at all.  So say it fast and quick….Said Khorramshahgol.  :o)

I actually have two first names, Said and Afshin.  When I was born, my parents wanted my name to be Said, but my brother liked Afshin, so they compromised by registering me as Said in my birth certificate, but they called me Afshin at home.

You are probably wondering where I am from and what not.  I was born in Iran and migrated to the U.S. when I was 13.  I have lived in North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, and currently in California.  I think that I am going to be living in California (Los Angeles) for a long time; I don’t have any plans to move to any other state.  But if I were to move, I would love to move to Minnesota or Michigan.  As cold as it is there, the people are unbelievably friendly, so it would be an honor to live with such wonderful people.  But how can I leave the beautiful weather of CA?

I have a variety of interests and will open a couple of blogs and will post as often and as much as time will allow me to post.  Right off the bat I am thinking of opening a blog about technology, which will include posts about things that I learn throughout the day/week.  The subjects will include Linux, Databases, Sql Server, making web sites, etc.  Another blog that I am interested in opening will deal with photographs.  Actually, some months ago I created this blog:


But I stopped updating it after a while, and I miss it!  So I’ll start posting to this blog shortly, so please visit this site to see beautiful pictures.

A third blog that I have in mind (and the last one I hope) will be the pictures that I have taken.  I used to be an avid amateur photographer but have not been taking that many photos lately.  So hopefully this new blog will change that!

So before I go, say my name one more time, really fast!  Said Khorramshahgol.  :o)  It’s not hard people!