Hi everyone,

We, animal lovers, now have a chance to put a stop to the barbaric cruelty that dogs/cats are subjected to in puppy mills.  In case you are not aware of it, puppy mills are factories where they keep dogs in small cages, never walk the dogs, never socialize the dogs, the dogs are filthy from not being washed, they are used only for breeding, once the puppies are sold, the bitches are bred again, etc., etc.  The conditions at these puppy mills are horrible, horrible, horrible.  If you have the heart, you can go to youtube and search for puppy mills and you’ll see the devastating undercover videos and investigative reports for yourself.

The “people” who run these puppy mills could not care any less about their dogs, obviously, so they need to be forced to care or close shop for good.  So, for the first time ever (that I know of), two Congressmen have introduced legislation that will put a stop to the cruelty that is practiced at these puppy mills.  The legislation will require that all dogs are walked daily, their living conditions are good, puppy mill owners are held responsible for the health and safety of their dogs, and that they are punished severely if they fail to do so.  We, as animal lovers, need to let your Congressman/woman to know that we would like to see this legislation passed.  ASPCA has set up a page (link below) where you enter your name and address, and they will send an email to your representative.  It takes only a minute to fill out the information and to press the Submit button. Please do your part and lets make sure that the legislation is passed.  You can fill out the form for every person who lives at your address who is over the age of 18.  Please pass on the news to family, friends, and co-workers…this opportunity may not knock at our doors ever again!  Thank you.


Also, keep in mind that yearly, over 5 million dogs/cats are put to sleep at the shelters.  Lets put a stop to it, by making sure that the legislation above will pass in Congress.