I’m a huge dog lover (and animal lover) and have a hard time understanding discrimination and abuse against dogs.  How can anyone harm these loving animals?  I often wonder if these people have taken the time to get to know the “soul” of their dogs and to see the abundant love and purity that exists in them?

Having said that, I have 4 dogs, an American Bulldog, a Boxer mix, a Chihuhuaha, and a Daushund mix.  Just today I read a story (link below) about a study of 6,000 dog owners.  The study finds that the top 3 aggressive dogs are Daushounds, Chihuhuahas, and Jack Russel Terriers.  Well, I have two of those breeds and judging from experience, I agree with that study.  My Chihuhuaha is specially wicked, he looks and acts possessed when he is playing with the other dogs and he is a bully.  He forcefully takes the other dog’s bones and foods, and he jumps on them and annoys them all the time.  It’s funny, perhaps because I love him.


But what I really wanted to say in this post was to point out how wrong the proponents of breed-specific legislation are.  Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Ridgebacks showed to have average to below-average aggression according to this study.  Proponents of breed-specific legislation…it’s not too late to admit that you were wrong, and we will accept your apologies.  Now, instead of trying to put down breeds that you know nothing about, go do something positive for the society.

Here’s the link to the article.