Reuters has uploaded a series of videos to youtube where people from around the world give a short message to the newly elect-President Obama. It’s truly a small world and it’s becoming smaller due to our dependence on each other, and so it is very interesting to analyze what the Bush presidency has meant to the nations of the world and how Obama’s election could affect those same nations. Of course our relationship to the world is defined by our foreign policy and trade agreements and a new president can and will influence the two. So, will our relationship to Iran change under Obama’s administration, and in what way? Will the Iranian government be more open to a president whose middle name is the name of a Shiite Imam? If relations between the U.S. and Iran improve, what will happen to our relationship with Israel? There are just too many questions and too many scenarios that could play out and the uncertainties surrounding a new presidency is both interesting and a bit unnerving. Anyways, let us hope for a better future for all people!

Postcard to U.S. President: Tehran

Postcard to U.S. President: Tel Aviv

Postcard to U.S. President: Havana